Class of 2019

Parker Johnson
Major: Economics

Hometown: Houston, TX

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Hurdler on the track team, looking to go into real estate.
Jordan Swett
Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Fairfield, CT

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Beta Alpha Omega Social Chair; Dartmouth Energy Club (founder); Club Squash; Incoming Power and Utilities Investment Banking Analyst
Benjamin Ose
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

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Member of the Track and Field team, planing on attending medical school, interested in outdoor activities and extreme sports.
Jonah Deykin
Major: Computer Science and Economics

Hometown: Needham, MA

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I play on the Dartmouth Rugby team. I am interested in machine learning
Jared Solomon
Major: Government, Earth Sciences

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

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Dartmouth Brovertones, Hill Winds Society, Outdoor Leadership Experience, War and Peace Fellows, First-Year Trips
Aneeq Chaudry
Ha'aheo Hanohano
Sam Gordon
Joe Rode
Zach Cohen
Major: Economics; Pre-med

Hometown: San Diego, CA

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Ski Instructor, War & Peace Fellow, Hillel Executive Board
Frederick Polak
Major: Economics and History

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

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Varsity Lightweight Rowing, Tour Guide, History Research, Movement Against Violence, Commissioning in United States Marine Corps upon Graduation
Sam Siegel
Major: Government

Hometown: Demarest, NJ

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I am a senior at Dartmouth College pursuing a major in Government and a minor in Quantitative Social Science. I am a pole-vaulter on the Track and Field Team, a Leadership Fellow at The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, a Project Leader on the Strategy Committee of the Dartmouth Newspaper, a Peer Tutor in the Government Department, and a Student-Alumni Ambassador in the Hill Winds Society. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking around the Upper Valley, playing video games with friends, or watching comedies. After college, I will be pursuing a career in management consulting at L.E.K. Consulting in Boston.
Ryoya Wakamatsu
Major: Economics

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

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Dartmouth Aires (Leader/Music Director). Will be working for Goldman Sachs next year.
Ian Marx
Major: Economics modified with Computer Science

Hometown: Westwood, MA

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Men's Heavyweight Crew
Delaney Hall
Parker Whims
Thomas Kim
Brandon Lee
Major: Economics, Sociology

Hometown: Bowling Green, KY

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I am the 19's Programming Chair. On campus, I enjoy traveling, playing tennis, am on the club squash team and run my own business, Evolving Vox. I am passionate about the social sector and one day hope to be involved in education, whether through non-profit consulting, education policy, teaching, or something else. D=F
Simpson Tanner
Major: Government

Hometown: Nashville, TN

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I run the 800m on the varsity track and field team. This past summer I completed the Middlebury immersion program in Chinese. After college I'm interested in working in environmental policy or in Chinese relations.
Alec Eschholz
Major: Biology

Hometown: Richmond, VT

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I am on the Track and Field team. I am also involved with the DOC and love hiking, biking, and traveling. I hope to go to Med school and my dream job would be working as a orthopedic specialist for a professional sports team.
Henry Goodwyn
Major: Government (Econ Minor)

Hometown: Rumson, NJ

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Programming Board, Fishing, Surfing, Snowboarding
Carter M. Copeland
Major: Government

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Jobs that allow me to interact with people.
Eddie Grabill
Robby Purvis
Thomas DeSantis
Matúš Petrovský
Major: Economics

Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia

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Interests: Hiking, rowing, track and field, skiing, skydiving, cooking, piano, guitar, foreign languages, investing, growth equity, financial markets

Activities on campus: Current member of Dartmouth Men's Heavyweight Rowing, former member of the Dartmouth Track and Field Team, Russian Department Teaching Assistant (2 years), former Tuck School of Business Research Assistant, former Rockefeller Center for Leadership Student Assistant, former volunteer for the DEN (2 years), former volunteer mentor at Thetford Elementary School, current Undergraduate Student Advisor

Dream job: At the moment I hope to find a full-time position in private equity, alternative investments, or private wealth management and use my 3-year work eligibility as an international student. After that, I would like to pursue an MBA program in the U.S. or in Europe and move on from there. However, a true dream job 25 years down the road is to be a sous-chef in my own boutique hotel in the Swiss or Austrian Alps.

John Lazor
Major: History, Chinese

Hometown: Westwood, MA

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Treasurer of Beta, Dartmouth Men's Golf Team, Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble. Job interests are in financial services specifically investment management or private equity.
Charles Gordon Gilmore
Major: Government and History

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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I am in the Big Brother Big Sister program, on the Undergraduate Financial Committee, love to hike the Appalachian Trail and spend time outside, and next year I'm working at a tech consulting firm in DC.
Nicholas Caron

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ

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On campus I am an Admissions Tour Guide, PE Ski Instructor and Vice President of the Club Lacrosse Team. I hope to wish in government, specifically dealing with international relations/conflict and the Middle East/North Africa region.
William Harmon
Major: Engineering

Hometown: Raymond, NH

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ENGS 22 TA. I enjoy running and following the Dodgers, Colts, Celtics, and Bruins.
George Atkins
Roko Glasnovic
Joey Torsella

Class of 2020

Samuel H Seifert
Major: Government and Geography

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

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On campus I participate in Casual Thursday improv group, club soccer, and a number of Rocky leadership programs. I am also a Dartmouth Outing Club leader, Ceramic Studio student teacher, and Allen house executive. My dream job is in the State department or international marketing.
Philip James Bowers V
Major: Economics modified with CS

Hometown: New York City

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Club golf, going into investment banking
Liam Jolley
Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Arlington, MA

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Club soccer, CnT, Ski Instructor
Andrew Deakin
Henry Hilton
Trevor Glasgow
John Hall
Michael Kellman
Sam Seifert
Seamus Walsh
Matthew Ix
Major: Quantitative Social Science

Hometown: Berywn, PA

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Varsity Lightweight Rowing
Ian Van Hoek
Major: Economics

Hometown: Yonkers, NY

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Beyond my involvement in Beta as Rush Chair and Summer House Manager, a lot of my time on campus is spent as the Recruitment Chair for the DRFC. In addition to my Econ major, I have a Computer Science Minor in Digital Arts, and hope to put both to use in a career in television production.
Alex Chao
Dogukan Yucel
Henry Vogel
Sebastian Mayr
Jonah Levine
Michael Suriawinata
Sam Wilson
Kojo Edzie
Samuel Wilson
Major: Economics and Mathematics

Hometown: Madison, CT

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I am a member of SIBs, Model UN, Dartmouth Economic Research Scholars, and work as a Math grader. I am not entirely certain what I would like to do after I graduate, but I am interested in working in a field related to Economics/Finance.
John Beute
Major: Anthropology and Neuroscience, Pre-Health

Hometown: Kinnelon, NJ

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Dartmouth Brovertones a cappella group, EMT for Dartmouth EMS, Research Assistant at Geisel, Tour Guide, Mentor for SIBS, Glee Club. Plan on working in healthcare after graduation, followed by medical school.
Charles Broom
Garrett Muscatel
James Bowers
Shawn Ohazuruike
Noah Drazen
Myles Holt
Scott Okuno
Daniel Perez
Emerson Mahoney
Major: Economics

Hometown: Aquinnah, MA

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My interests and hobbies include hockey, boxing, architecture, music, and I hope to go into consulting after graduation.
William Belmont
Major: Economics Modified with Computer Science

Hometown: Riverside, Connecticut

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I'm interested in financing the future of healthcare, technology, and alternative energy. I'm an ex-Neuroscience major fascinated with the possibility of integrating AI, deep learning, and machine learning to change the world. On campus, I'm a member of the Water Polo team, the Dartmouth Emerging Markets Group, the Dartmouth Finance society, Programming Board, the Dartmouth Outing Club, and I'm a Brand Ambassador for The Economist. When I have a free moment, I like to play guitar, catch up on the markets, find new music, and play squash. I also love to scuba dive and discover "hidden gem" restaurants in cities.
David Horneffer
Gunnar Smith
Jamie Dinulos
Tanguy Nef
Matthew Norton
Ryan Roegge
Seamus Hall

Class of 2021

Evan Muscatel
Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

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I play on the Ultimate Frisbee team and participate is the Dartmouth Real Estate club. I also tutor math, physics, and computer science. I am interesting in consulting as a career.
Gustav Arvidsson
Major: Mathematics and Economics

Hometown:Helsingborg, Sweden

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Activities on Campus: Heavyweight Crew. Learning Fellow. Dream Industry: Consulting.
Jake Goorno
Major: Economics modified with Psych

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

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Men's Rugby, Golf, Finance
Robert Hopkins
Major: Engineering modified with Economics

Hometown: Glenview, Illinois

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I'm interested in math, engineering and economics, and would like to work in finance some day. I play for the club hockey team on campus.
Paul Gralla
Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

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I am on the heavyweight rowing team and have competed at international level multiple times. After college I want to stay in the US and start working in Computer Science or Consulting. If that does not work out I would probably finish a masters degree in Europe.
Ben Lewis
Mitchell Meade
William Phinney
Major: Economics

Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ

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On track and field team. Want to work in marketing
Peter Coppedge
Major: Government

Hometown: Delray Beach, Florida

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I'm a government major and a geography minor. On campus I am involved with Programming Board and the SIBS mentoring program. After Dartmouth, I want to go into consulting, particularly in the realm of finance and marketing.
Eric Vaughn
Major: Government and Music

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

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Writes for Sports newspaper and Dartmouth Law Review, does music on campus; aspires to work in consulting or law
Mihovil Mandic
Major: Computer Science and Economics

Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia

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Croatia born and raised. From 2014 to 2017, I worked on my own startup, and exited before arriving to Dartmouth. My interests are computer science, finance, and digital arts. On campus, I am an active member of the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship and the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program. I'd like to work with knowledgeable people and build a career in applied math. My dream is to found a startup focused on artificial intelligence.
Casey Ross
Grant Gaultieri
Peter Tiktinskiy
Brandon Liao
Major: Economics and Philosophy

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

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Member of the Men's swim team. Interested in the field of consulting.
Jeffrey Anshi Sun
Major: Economics and Government

Hometown: Shanghai, China

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Member of Dartmouth Water Polo, Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program, World Affairs Council, and Political Economy Project. After studying international relations, cross-border transactions, and international arbitration, I want to help the United States and China be nicer to each other.
Donovan Spearman
Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

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Enjoys hiking, volunteering with children and animals. A member of Dartmouth's Track & Field team. Interested in careers in health and business.
Nikhil Lele
Major: Math/Biology

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

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While I'm not playing pong, I play club soccer on campus and also write for the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science. I hope to go to medical school and be a doctor in the future.
Chris Connors
Jake Goorno
Ryan Hunter
Jackson Rich
Major: Physics/Economics

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

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I enjoy skiing, playing soccer, and theoretical physics. I am a member of the club soccer and club nordic teams. I would love to work in either the finance industry or in space exploration.
Charlie Cobb
Major: Psychology/Sociology

Hometown: Seattle, WA

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I'm involved in the Programming Board and the Thayer Help Desk on campus. Interested in Telecommunications and technology, looking to go into telecommunications or consulting after college.
Maxwell George Frye
Major: Philosophy

Hometown: New Albany, Ohio

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Hurdler on the track team, interested in philosophy and ethics
Matthew Luciano
Major: Economics

Hometown:Mountain Lakes, NJ

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Swim Team
Edward Allen Jr
Kai Sane